Eyelash extensions: Here’s why you should avoid using them

Bright and big eyes with those perfect brows and long and curly eyelashes are every girl’s dream! Sadly, not everyone is blessed with such killer-look permanent eyelashes. 

  • Are you one such person who craves long, dark, and curly lashes?
  • Are you planning to get your lashes extended at a salon near you?
  • Is it really safe and worth the time and money to go for permanent lash extensions?

Now, this is a comprehensive guide that will help you find the right answers. Read further to get a complete insight on lash extensions and why finding a suitable eyelash growth serum is important.

Lash extensions are a quick workaround to get your thin and dull lashes into denser, fuller, and beautifully curved ones. But the harsh reality behind this is that these extensions come with a big sack of side effects and irreversible damages that are usually hidden from public eyes. Here we tell you why it is not worth investing in eyelash extensions – 

Eyelash extensions are not a permanent solution.

No doubt that lash extensions look more similar to natural eyelashes and give your eyes a sexy look. But if you think these lash extensions are a permanent solution, think twice, for they are not. Eyelash extensions are considered globally as a semi-permanent solution as they can cling on to your eyelids for a couple of hours to a maximum of just 8 weeks. If you leave it on for a longer time without manually removing them, it will just fall off when the hairs in the eyelash get it into the telogen or resting phase.

The bottom line is that once you opt for the permanent eyelash extensions, that will be a recurrent procedure of visiting the salon/clinic every two months! And so, give it a thought before you get allured by those long lash extensions!

The adhesive used can cause allergic reactions

Eyelash adhesive is a very common term used in the cosmetic therapy world. But did you ever know what exactly this adhesive is made up of? Most adhesives are made up of 90~95% of Cyanoacrylate and 5~10% of complex compounds such as stabilizer, thickener, hardening accelerator, colorant, etc. Cyanoacrylates are a family of strong, fast-acting adhesives and can cause several allergic reactions in the eyes if it is not handled meticulously. Some of the commonly seen reactions after the eyelash extension procedure is infection or swelling of the eyelid, infection of the cornea, and temporary eyelash loss.

This is one of the major reasons why the current generation that is health-conscious try to avoid eyelash extensions and prefer using plant-based serums.

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone

The eyes are one of the human body’s most sensitive organs, and estheticians who do eyelash extensions work directly on those sensitive parts. People who suffer from conditions like Trichotillomania, eyelid dermatitis, blepharitis, and alopecia areata are more prone to the side effects of eyelash extensions and should seek medical advice before opting for eyelash extensions.

There is a major risk of permanent eyelash loss

Lash extension procedures are to be done only by certified and experienced professionals in a hygienic environment. It is also highly suggested that you insist your aesthetician on applying for just one eyelash extension over one natural lash. This process involves a lot of time but it is the safest way to do it. Unfortunately, many professionals themselves go for the quicker alternative of putting a cluster of eyelashes over one natural lash. Though this method saves a lot of time, the after-effects of this clustering procedure are terrifying. This is can actually cause potential damage to your real lashes.

Lash extensions are put over your natural eyelashes and demand acute maintenance like not rubbing your eyes, not getting the lash extensions exposed to hot or warm waters for a longer time, and avoiding anything that can potentially harm your eyelashes eyelids. When these are followed, there is a high chance that your lash extensions may fall off and even pull out your natural lashes from the root. 

Eyelash extension procedures can burn a hole in your pocket

Going for permanent eyelashes is one of the most expensive cosmetic procedures globally. The starting price of a set of permanent eyelash extensions in India at a reputed salon or clinic is about INR 7000. It goes upwards depending on the number of eyelashes that need to be extended. And the worst part is that this cost is just for the first time of the procedure. As we saw earlier, even the permanent eyelash extensions last for just about 8 weeks; you will have to shell out about INR 2000 to INR 4000 every time you go for refills depending on the number of affected lash extensions. All put together, the entire cost of having permanent extensions for eyelashes will be about a whopping INR 50,000 a month.

Now, this definitely is not a common woman’s choice for those perfectly dark and long eyelashes.

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