What to look for in an eyelash growth serum?

The face is the index of the mind, and the eyes are the index of the face. And no wonder, big beautiful eyes with long, dark, and curly lashes can instantly uplift the mood of your face and mind. While eyelashes are predominantly portrayed today by the beauty industry as a cosmetic part of the body, they have a purpose behind them. Lashes act as the first source of defense for a person’s eye. These fine hairs protect one’s skin from external things like dust and debris in the air entering the eyes. So, why not give your eyes that extra care they deserve by nourishing your eyelashes. Doing so will also let you enjoy the benefits of killer looks!

The market today is loaded with so many options to get those perfect lashes like lash serums, fake lashes, and permanent eyelash extensions that help you achieve those perfect looks and protection for your eyes. While fake eyelashes and permanent lash extensions help you get dense and dark eyelashes, they come with the burden of having harmful side effects on the sensitive eyes and not being permanent. The falsies and the volume eyelash extensions are attached to the natural eyelashes with an adhesive. They can even cause irreversible damage to your natural lashes if they are not given proper care and maintenance. These solutions are also not for people with acute eye conditions. So, the sustainable and truly permanent solution to get those fuller eyelashes is to induce natural eyelash growth. The most promising way to do this with guaranteed results is to use a natural lash serum. The natural serums are made from plant extracts and are safe to be used on the eyelids. These serums work at ground level and help the lashes grow longer and trigger dormant lash cells, thereby giving the user a naturally denser lash line.

Things to look for in an eyelash growth serum

Check for the active ingredients in the serum

It is always good to choose a natural-based serum as they come with the relief of having no side effects. Choose an eyelash serum that is rich in oils. Castor Oil offers the most promising results when it comes to lashes growth and hence, an eyelash serum rich in castor oil is the most ideal choice. Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, a form of Vitamin B7, is another ingredient that is very efficient in inducing the growth and re-growth of lash hairs. Along with it, ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Glycerin act as lubricants and moisturizers that keep your lashes hydrated and prevent breakage. Read the list of ingredients carefully before deciding on the product.

Consistency is the key

An oil-based serum has a consistency that is perfect for application on the eyelids. It is not too thick to apply or too thin to drip and mess around the eyes. It should be viscous enough to be applied. It should also be easily absorbable by the skin. You can dip the brush of the eyelash serum in the liquid and draw a fine line on your eyelids ensuring all the sides of the base of the lashes are covered. The best thing is to faithfully apply every day to see maximum results in a few months.


This is a very important thing to look for in any skincare product. The eyelash serum that you use should not cause side effects like irritation, rashes, or blurring of the eyes. It has to be tested clinically and certified to be hypo-allergenic by the experts in the industry. This ensures that the eyelash serum is safe to be used on your eyes. Natural eye serum gains an extra point here as they are usually free from parabens, a preservative that causes harmful effects on skin and is very commonly used in most cosmetics. Even when you choose a natural lash growth serum, you should always patch test on a small area of the eyelid before applying it for the entire region.

Let’s care for the animals too

Many famous skincare brands flaunt their “Tested on Animals” badge for the safety of their products. But, FDA does not mandate animal testing for brands to prove the safeness of a product. Testing on animals is indeed cruelty done on them and you can be considerate to these creatures by opting for products that are not tested on them.

Sun protection formula

Doctors recommend sunscreen lotions with Sun Protection Formula(SPF) for the face, and you can pair them with an eyelash growth serum with the same SPF for maximum protection of the face and eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Good eyelash serum is an eye-saver. However, a chemical-laden, substandard one could turn disastrous. So, it is highly recommended to do your research well before zeroing down on one genuine product.

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